Hailing from her hometown in East London, the emerging singer-songwriter Shelana Azora is ready to take the UK’s R&B/Hip-Hop scene by storm. Shelana Azora was just 8 years old when she tried writing her own song, inspired by her first discovery of Alicia Keys on the radio. It then gradually developed to writing more rap verses after listening to Eminem, which led to her interest in meshing both R&B and Hip-hop styles in her music. 

“I’m constantly trying to encourage my own uniqueness.” Shelana takes a piece of every artist she has looked up to—from the Old Skool sounds of Lauryn Hill and Aaliyah to the modern likes of Rihanna—to inspire her songwriting, putting a twist on it with her own distinctive style. It is reflected in her debut EP entitled ‘Epiphany’ which serves as the first introduction of Shelana Azora as an artist. She effortlessly hones her natural flow of singing and rapping; from the 8-bar rap freestyle in “The Most” to the delicate “Free” with its uplifting Gospel-like outro, accompanied by infectious hard-hitting beats and metaphorical lyricism to illustrate her journey of self-love across the record. 

The Dominica-born artist continues to keep experimenting with her music as she wants to be able to create her art without being labeled or boxed in with just one genre. Her up-coming single “Crew”, combines the catchiness of Afro-Swing to the melodic cadences of R&B—a feel-good energy track with playful lyrics that makes you want to dance to it with your own crew from the very first beat. Shelana Azora’s calling card is indeed her versatility in being able to bounce between R&B and Hip-Hop, while still managing to carry her own identity in her music, showing that she is an artist to keep an eye-out for many years to come. 

“Create without limitations. Dismantle all the boxes and labels that hold you back. Be the person you always knew you could be because you owe it to yourself to be free.” – Shelana Azora



London, United Kingdom

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